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Unlock Wisdom, Spiritual Insight, Self-discovery and Personal Empowerment, with this transformative light, study of the Psychic Arts, Tarot, Western Mystism, Alchemy, The Great Work, Angels, Kabbalah and so much more Price is £36 per week, until the tools of the trade are purchased, falling to £18 per week, there after. Confidential concessions and discounts are available for low earners. Booking over the counter with a £15 deposit secures your place.


We will experience 78 different meditations, practices and correspondences.

A full Tarot Deck and the ability to intuitively read it, crystals, handouts, scrying/crystal gazing, intuition development, psychometry, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudiosentience, banishing, cleansing, grounding, communion, projection, astral travel and past life regression. Places are filling up fast so it is important to reserve your space.  Call the Hedgewitchery to book your space.


Teen Witch - introduction to Tarot

1 hour @ £5.00

*There are 12 classes in total, each one covering something new. Booking all 12 in one go is not necessary.*
A easy going guide to reading tarot for 12-18yr olds. Learn all about each card and their meanings, as well as the best way to pick a deck and read for your friends! We'll provide some light refreshments as well as allowing some private shopping time at The Hedgewitchery. I will also have the decks and journals I talk about for sale. Parents welcome. Please bring a note book with you to start with.

Tetra-Breath uses a circular style of breathing which allows you to tap into a state of deep relaxation, creating space for an emotional detox of your body, mind and soul.

You will be guided through a breathing pattern to carefully curated music, enabling you to dive deep into your body and clear out stagnant energy, limiting beliefs and release emotional blockages or old patterns within.






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