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Our Services

At The Hedgewitchery, we offer a wide range of holistic treatments to support your wellness journey. Our services include:- Crystal Healing- Herbal Medicine- Aromatherapy massage, sound healing &  Reiki.

Our highly trained practitioners create a unique healing experience tailored to your needs.

Collettes Services

Yoni steam 1 hr £50 includes consultation

Experience the restorative practice of a yoni steam with self selected herbs to guide you in restoring the disconnect from your female body, restore health and balance in your cycles, ease transition through life phases, unlock the intimate magic of our womb releasing toxic emotions such as stress, tension and stagnation. 

An ancient practice Used over the centuries to cleanse the uterus through menstrual difficulties, after birth and with menopause.

Ayuredic yoga Massage
1hr £60
90 Mins £100

Using warm aromatic essential oils focusing on the bodies energy points rather than joints and muscles.  Your oilsused during massage will match your individual needs an dosha.  This  session includes gentle yogic movements.


Usui Reiki 
1 hr £40

Usui Reiki is a deeply tranquil and rejuvenating experience, designed to promote relaxation, balance, and holistic well-being. The session typically begins with a warm welcome and a brief discussion to address any specific intentions or concerns you may have. You'll then be invited to lie down fully clothed on a comfortable treatment table

As the session commences Collette will lightly place their hands in specific positions on or near your body. These positions correspond to energy centers, known as chakras, as well as areas where energy may be stagnant or imbalanced. You may feel a gentle warmth or tingling sensation, or simply a deep sense of relaxation. It's common for recipients to enter a meditative state or even experience a sense of floating or weightlessness.

Throughout the hour, the practitioner will intuitively guide the flow of Reiki energy, addressing areas that may require additional attention. This process is deeply individualized, tailored to your unique energetic needs. You may also experience a sense of emotional release or mental clarity as the energy works to restore balance within your body and mind.

the treatment will conclude allowing you a few moments to slowly reawaken. She may offer insights or observations about the energy flow during the session, which can provide valuable insights into your overall well-being.

Afterward, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your experience and any sensations or emotions that arose during the session.

Usui Reiki is a profoundly peaceful and nurturing experience, leaving you with a sense of deep relaxation, restored energy, and a renewed connection to your inner self.

Unblemished Facial

1 hour £45

With Reiki 

1.5 hour £65

Step into a world of pure, unblemished beauty, where nature's gifts are harnessed to reveal your inner glow. Our 1-hour facial is a journey of rejuvenation, powered by 100% natural vegan skincare products carefully crafted by Alison for her Unblemished Skincare Rabe . Each carefully selected ingredient is a testament to the harmony between nature and skincare, leaving you refreshed, revitalized, and radiant.

Reiki Healing

Ingas Services

Inga will be at the Hedgewitchery every other Friday & Sunday

Usui Reiki and Galdr Healing therapy

1 hour @ £40.00

Heal your energetic field and come back to self with a uplifting Usui Reiki session, incorporating crystals and Nordic Galdr energetic vocal tones. The combination of crystal (earth), vocal tones and singing bowls (sound) and reiki (energetic) frequencies are a powerful triple helix to rebalance us as a whole.

Intuitive Tarot Reading

1 hour @ £40.00

Approximately an hour long reading of Tarot. These readings give us the opportunity to look at areas of life or particular interest in greater detail. Giving us extra insight using numerology and elements that also appear.

Let our guides bring some clarity to the questions you're asking.

Intuitive Rune Reading

1 hour @ £40.00

Approximately an hour spent consulting the stones. The ancient and earthy Nordic elder futhark runes give great pragmatic advice. During our time we'll go over any questions you need answering as well as looking at what things maybe lying underneath, unseen, that need addressing.
All therapies are available in person and at a distance via Zoom. If you prefer a zoom appointment please select day/time using the "Any Available" drop down irrespective of location and make a note on the intake

Suzannes Services

You will find Suzanne at the Hedgewitchery on Saturdays


Tarot reading

£45 for 50 mins

Suzanne offers professional tarot reading services to help you gain insight into your spiritual health and wellbeing using a combination of tarot and astrology to provide life-affirming readings that will give you clarity and guidance. Our psychic readings are designed to provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your spiritual health and wellbeing.  Call for appointment below and check out her facebook page & other services website.

Customer review

Really in depth and detailed reading with Suzanne she definitely knew things that she couldn’t have known without her evident gifts.

Really helped me to see things clearly and move forward at a challenging time.

I’d recommend- the best reading, I have ever had and in the past I’ve had lots!


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Jane Cranes Services

You will find me at the Hedgewitchery every Wednesday alternate 

times of 10am-22pm / 9am-8pm

£60 You and Jane will chat to understand the reason for your appointment and you will most often than not be on the massage table whilst Jane calls on her healing guides to bring what is needed to the session. 60 mins


- £90 As above but the longer session includes a shamanic journey where you will journey to connect with your own spirit guides. 90 mins


 £120 As the 60 mins but this session includes a ritual ceremonial cacao to bring you into a deeper connection to the process going



If there is something going on in your life that is unwelcome / stuck / just not as you want it, one session can shift things. It can be physical, emotional, practical, spiritual, occupational, financial, sexual - ANYTHING that is not in balance for you can be supported with Energy Healing.


You may just feel drawn to work with Jane or to the shop and you don’t know why - just go with it, something has brought you!

You can book in for a 45 / 60 / 90 minute session with Jane Crane of Your Wild Truth.


Please feel free to call to chat about your requirements if you’re not sure how long you require 07840416683 45 mins 

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Abbies Services

You can book in with me at the Headwitchery

on Mondays & Thursdays 10am-5pm

Swedish Massage 

£50 - 1 hour 

£70 - 1 Hour , 30 mins 


Holistic Session

£50 - 1 Hour 

£70 - 1 Hour 30 

£90 - 2 Hours 


Prices includes Pre- consultation to build tailored session to choose from having massage, energy, sound, meditation and aromas. 

Individually or as combination tailor made treatments. 

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Andys Services
Andy is flexible with times and days please call the Hedgewitchery to book in with him
Swedish Massage
£50 1 hour

£70 1.5 hour
Includes pre massage consultation. 

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