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We are on the Move

So a few weeks ago i had a few things happen in my life, my planets aligned, or rather dis-aligned for a few days and put the spanners in the works but then guided me back to my inner calling to make The Hedgewitchery more accessible to those that need some inner healing and outer joy with a more central location.

The roof in our little back room coming down was that sign along with a very insightful from and my mind was made up, a few properties came my way and after a little soul searching and inner guidance the right property came my way, so i jumped into action.. one thing I am is an action taker and in we moved all in the matter of a week... things are just meant to be.

So where are we you may ask? well we are very central in Whitley Bay located in the Roxburgh Building.. 5 Roxburgh Terrace to be exact a beautiful end property with lovely deep front windows that I am currently filling with loads of plant energy and creating a gorgeous energy room for our hedegwitchery Therapists to work their magic on you. We also have have a larger shop space so that I can keep on sourcing all the beautiful tools of the wellbeing trade for you to practice your wellbeing rituals in your home with wonderous crystals, heart connecting Ceremonial Cacao, Herbal blends, books and oracle cards to name but a few... but what I

Collette & The Hedgwitchery Team

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